What is the Best Size Carrier for a Cat?

When we talk about purchasing or choosing a cat carrier, make sure to select one that is the correct size. According to the general rule select a carrier that is 1.5 times bigger than your cat. You may be under the impression that bigger is better. It’s not. Neither is the cat carrier that is too snug. The too-big carrier will leave your cat feeling anxious and isolated, not to mention keep throwing her against carrier walls when carrying it. However, a small carrier is not safe, or comfortable. So, what size of carrier do you need? Read on!

Sizing Rules:

Purchasing the perfect size carrier for your cat is the first step to ensure a pet’s comfort during transporting activities. The cat carrier must be large enough to allow easy turning and movement around the cat, allowing it to raise its head without scratching the sides and top of the crate. Moreover, the general rules of the right carrier size are it should be significantly larger than your cat’s dimensions so that the movement within is not restricted. While at it, get a well-built and reliable carrier as it will ensure comfort, stress-free, and freedom for cats during travels. For this, you have to get down and dirty by taking the actual measurements of the cat.

Take Cat’s Actual Measurements:

While the cat is standing, take her measurements from tip of the nose to the tip of the tail. After that, add four inches to measurements taken. These dimensions provide you with the perfect length for the suitably sized carrier for your cats. It allows for wiggle room and a chance for her to raise or move her tail without being restricted by the carrier. Another measurement that should be considered when the cat is standing determines how high the carrier should be. Start measuring from the floor to the top of the cat’s head to get her perfect height. After that, you can add 4 inches to the measurement to get the relative height of the intended cat’s crate. This gives her ample room to stand without her back always scratching the roof, which can be uncomfortable.

Lastly, we hope our cat carrier backpack guide will help you to choose the perfect carrier size for your cat.